DHK Puppies in Training 2016

Isla - Black Labrador
DHK Puppy in Training - Sheffield

Isla lives at home with Tina and I and enjoys nothing more than blasting around the Peak District hills and woods followed by some training. She has a special friend, "Hunter," a German Shepherd, Who belongs to our dog walker.

I loved the look of the work DHK do in schools and was impressed with just how proffessional and thorough the training and assessment is. I think if a dog is going to be working in a school environment, then it is important for the right dog to get the correct training.

Our school hopes that when Isla is fully trained, she will be able to listen to children reading in small groups or one to one. She already has a growing fan club who love to come and say 'hi' and tickle her belly!

Isla is training to become an Attending School Dog.

Isla has passed DHK Training Asssessments One and Two

Isla is in training at Owlerbrook Primary School in Sheffield.


Maeve - Labrador x Border Collie
DHK Puppy in Training - Exeter

Maeve is a Collie X Labrador, born on Dartmoor in September 2015.

I work as the Rural Skills Project Manager at a Special School in Devon, where we provide outdoor learning opportunities for young people (3-19yrs) with severe or profound learning difficulties. Many also have complex physical, sensory or behavioural additional needs. We focus on really hands on activities such as woodwork, pottery, outdoor cooking - over the fire or in the cob oven, bush-craft skills, horticulture and animal therapy.

Prior to Maeve's arrival we had mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, ferrets, goats and sheep living on site so, from outset, Maeve has been surrounded by creatures and people to get to know and make friends with.

Despite her age and breed, she is remarkably calm (most of the time!) and seems to take it all in her stride. She has been attending at the school on a daily basis but in terms of curriculum and working, she is in the background as we lay the foundations for what I hope will be a long and fruitful career.

After a recommendation from a member of staff at another special school in Devon, things have fallen into place brilliantly with getting on board with DHK and we have completed the puppy training day the advanced training day, passed the entry test, and now undertaking the School Dog Training Programme.

Maeve is training to become an Attending School Dog.

Maeve has passed DHK Training Asssessments One and Two.

Maeve is in training at Ellen Tinkham Special School in Exeter


Winter - Sprocker
DHK Puppy in Training - Hereford

Winter is a Sprocker Spaniel born on 25th September 2015. She came from a family environment with lots of interaction with children from day one.

I am the headteacher in a two-form entry primary school in Hereford. At our school, we have seen the wonderfully positive effects that occur when children have opportunities to work with and around animals. We wanted to take this further. Having just welcomed Winter into my own family, I began to explore the possibilities of her working in school to support children's learning and well being.

Google steered me to DHK and Tracey and I began e-mailing to see whether it might be possible to train Winter as an Attending School Dog.

Things have moved quickly and Winter has just begun training at St Paul's CE Primary School; she is currently working behind the scenes, beginning to see the school environment as a home-from home. She has been coming into school with me since December (2015), and has begun to settle into the routine of spending time in school. She has begun to meet children and staff and really enjoys her daily walks and meeting people.

We have just completed our first puppy training day with Tracey and are looking forward to the next stage of the programme.

Winter is in training to become an Attending School Dog

Winter passed the DHK Entry Test in October 2016

Winter is in training at St Paul's CE Primary School, Hereford


Tova - Siberian Husky
DHK Puppy in Training - North Devon

Tova came to me at ten weeks old. She was one of nine rescue puppies, four of which, including Tova, had health problems. Fortunately Tova's heart murmur has been resolved which makes her one of the lucky ones. Originally Tova was supposed to be with me temporarily as a foster dog but she had other ideas! Now she is most definitely here to stay. Tova is such a fun puppy and is eager to learn new things. She is very smart and a pleasure to be around. Tova will be my second dog going through the DHK training, my first being Wynona. It's great to be back with DHK and I look forward to the training with Tova, knowing the joy and help she can bring to the children.

Tova is training to be a Visiting School Dog


Lottie - Labrador
DHK Puppy in Training - East Sussex

Lottie was born in March 2016 and came to live with us here at Skippers when she was 8 weeks old. She has settled into life at our small, rural prep school like a dream and we just cannot imagine life without her! Lottie is a gentle, friendly and very calm chocolate labrador puppy who takes everything in her stride and who loves being around people. She has brilliant focus for such a young puppy and she loves training; we can't believe how much she has learnt already but we are all raring to go with the next stage.

When we started looking into the possibility of having a School Dog, we were were hugely impressed with the high standards and professionalism of Dogs Helping Kids and are so thrilled to be taking our first steps with such an amazing charity. We hope that Lottie will be able to play a full and active role in the school, particularly helping with our readers and providing support and encouragement for all our children.

Lottie is training to become an Attending School Dog.

Lottie passed the DHK Entry Test in January 2017

Lottie is training at Skippers Hill Manor Preparatory School.


Lulu - Labrador
DHK Puppy in Training - Plymouth

Lulu is a much loved black Labrador puppy. She was born in August 2015 in Somerset. Lulu will be an Attending School Dog at Courtlands Special School in Plymouth, Devon where I am the Safeguarding Officer. Lulu is very clever and quick to learn - it does help that she loves food! The children adore having her in school and are learning how to approach and stroke her properly.
I am very excited about working with DHK and being part of a valuable charity. As a school we believe in a holistic approach to support our children and Lulu will hopefully become part of that once she is old enough (and passed the rigorous assessments!).

Lulu is training to become an Attending School Dog

Lulu passed the DHK Entry Test in November 2016

Lulu is in training at Courtlands Special School in Plymouth


Eric - Cocker Spaniel
DHK Puppy in Training - Staffordshire

Sherbrook Primary School is in Cannock, Staffordshire. Our school is a primary school for pupils with a diverse range of learning difficulties. We decided to join the DHK's programme for many reasons; we have had visits from therapy dogs and found that our pupils responded very positively to these, so we could really see the benefit of having our own dog. All our pupils have learning difficulties and a large proportion of our pupils have a diagnosis or working diagnosis of ASD. When the dogs visited the school, we were amazed and touched by the reaction the dogs received from our pupils. We felt that a dog would help our pupils communicate more effectively, help to raise confidence and self esteem, be a calming influence and also be a reward for pupils endeavours. He will help the pupils understand the responsibility for caring for a pet and encourage pupils to work together to care for it.

Having attended the initial workshop at DHK with Tracey, we were sure that this was the right charity for us as a school to become part of. We liked the positive and rigorous training methods that would ensure Eric was right for the school and that the school was right for him.

Eric has now attended a day's training with Tracey and I can't tell you how impressed I was with Tracey and Eric; he and I learnt so much and we are continuing to train hard.

Eric lives with me, my husband, Steve, and Edgar the cat. He comes to school with me each day and has been doing so since May; he is a very friendly dog who likes to meet new people. He currently spends most of his time in my office although he is a popular visitor to the staffroom. The children absolutely adore him and although we are keeping his profile low whilst he becomes accustomed to the school environment, the children love to come and see him with their good work and receive the special 'Eric' Stickers. They have also been drawing lots of pictures of him for 'Eric's Gallery'

Eric is training to become an Attending School Dog.

Eric is in training at Sherbrook Primary School, Cannock, Staffs


Quattro - Chocolate Labrador
DHK Puppy in Training - Swindon

Quattro (born on the 27th May, which just so happens to be my birthday too!) is a clever, handsome and very much adored puppy, who came to live with myself and my husband at 8 weeks old this year. He joined our little family at the start of the school holidays and spent his summer at puppy school and doing lots of fun training every day at home with the hope of joining DHK.

Quattro is training to become an attending school dog at Goddard Park Primary School in Swindon. Since September, he spends his days relaxing on his settle mat in my year 6 classroom where the year 6s help me to show him how to be calm in school and he has quickly got used to the busy school environment; he even attends staff training and meetings because he's now a part of the Goddard Park team!
The needs of the children at Goddard Park are diverse. We hope that Quattro can eventually help us to support the children as he progresses in his training; from helping with motivating children to attend school and encouraging them to read, to being a calming influence in the classroom and a good friend to talk to.

After lots of research for someone who could help train Quattro for the job, I found DHK and we are very excited and keen to do well with them! Quattro has attended two training days so far. I love the positive training methods DHK use and that I can guarantee, due to the rigorous assessments, that Quattro will be trained to a high standard before working with the children. Tracey is awesome and so knowledgeable - without a doubt DHK feels like the perfect choice for such a clever pup, who just loves to be around people.

I can't wait to see how Quattro progresses as I know he can give so much to the children at Goddard Park!

Quattro is training to become an Attending School Dog.

Quattro passed the DHK Entry Test in March 2017

Quattro is in training at Goddard Park Primary School in Swindon.


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