DHK Puppies in Training 2016

Lottie - Labrador
DHK Puppy in Training - East Sussex

Lottie was born in March 2016 and came to live with us here at Skippers when she was 8 weeks old. She has settled into life at our small, rural prep school like a dream and we just cannot imagine life without her! Lottie is a gentle, friendly and very calm chocolate labrador puppy who takes everything in her stride and who loves being around people. She has brilliant focus for such a young puppy and she loves training; we can't believe how much she has learnt already but we are all raring to go with the next stage.

When we started looking into the possibility of having a School Dog, we were were hugely impressed with the high standards and professionalism of Dogs Helping Kids and are so thrilled to be taking our first steps with such an amazing charity. We hope that Lottie will be able to play a full and active role in the school, particularly helping with our readers and providing support and encouragement for all our children.

Lottie is training to become an Attending School Dog.

Lottie passed the DHK Entry Test in January 2017 and the Welfare and Environment Assessment in May

Lottie is training at Skippers Hill Manor Preparatory School.


Quattro - Chocolate Labrador
DHK Puppy in Training - Swindon

Quattro (born on the 27th May 2016, which just so happens to be my birthday too!) is a clever, handsome and very much adored puppy, who came to live with myself and my husband at 8 weeks old this year. He joined our little family at the start of the school holidays and spent his summer at puppy school and doing lots of fun training every day at home with the hope of joining DHK.

Quattro is training to become an attending school dog at Goddard Park Primary School in Swindon. Since September, he spends his days relaxing on his settle mat in my year 6 classroom where the year 6s help me to show him how to be calm in school and he has quickly got used to the busy school environment; he even attends staff training and meetings because he's now a part of the Goddard Park team!
The needs of the children at Goddard Park are diverse. We hope that Quattro can eventually help us to support the children as he progresses in his training; from helping with motivating children to attend school and encouraging them to read, to being a calming influence in the classroom and a good friend to talk to.

After lots of research for someone who could help train Quattro for the job, I found DHK and we are very excited and keen to do well with them! Quattro has attended two training days so far. I love the positive training methods DHK use and that I can guarantee, due to the rigorous assessments, that Quattro will be trained to a high standard before working with the children. Tracey is awesome and so knowledgeable - without a doubt DHK feels like the perfect choice for such a clever pup, who just loves to be around people.

I can't wait to see how Quattro progresses as I know he can give so much to the children at Goddard Park!

Quattro is training to become an Attending School Dog.

Quattro passed the DHK Entry Test in March 2017 and the Welfare and Environment Assessment in April 2017

Quattro is in training at Goddard Park Primary School in Swindon.


Teasel - Black Labrador
DHK Puppy in Training - Hertfordshire

Teasel who was born on February 29th 2016, lives at home with me, my husband Tony and our three children, James (17), Charles (13) and Rosie (5). Teasel loves spending time with all the family but particularly likes to spend time training and having fun with Rosie. His favourite pastime is chasing and playing with a ball and he really loves a good woodland especially if there are rabbits about! He was one of nine puppies and the smallest in the litter, hence the name Tiny Teasel.

As a headteacher and SENCO I had heard about the work of dogs in supporting children with autism and also helping reluctant readers and researched the ways this could be achieved. When I found DHK it just seemed right for everyone. The charity protects the welfare of the animal, the rights of the child and keeps everyone safe whilst getting great outcomes. When I went to look at Teasel I very much was looking for a dog with whom I could create a great bond and who may just be suitable for this wonderful program.

Teasel is currently in school with me and shares my office, but he has his own woodland to play in at school and the children have a dog blog where they can ask questions and find out more about him. He is currently working with five children with autism or ADHD to help them communicate and build self esteem. We hope he continues to have a massive impact on everyone he works with.

Teasel is training to become an Attending School Dog.

Teasel passed the DHK Entry Test in June 2017.

Teasel is training at St Nicholas C of E Primary School and Nursery, Stevenage


Tilly - Mini Labradoodle
DHK Puppy in Training - Liverpool

This is Matilda Hope, otherwise known as Tilly. She works with me, Kath Davies, as part of the Inclusion Team at Windsor Community Primary School in Toxteth, Liverpool.

Windsor Primary is a diverse and vibrant school which offers a nurturing haven for pupils in inner city Liverpool. The school has enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with animals. 'Windsor' the ginger cat was in residence for many years, followed by 'Ron' the guinea pig, several fish and a few ducklings. However, it was through the positive impact of Equine Therapy sessions and a wonderful encounter the Nurture Group children had with sheepdog 'Bill' that the idea of having our own 'school dog' began.

We were clear from the outset that we wanted a well trained dog that would work with the children in different ways to improve their learning, self confidence and emotional well being. Finding out about Dogs Helping Kids and the work the School Dogs are trained and supported to do, fitted with this idea perfectly and confirmed our decision to have Tilly in school.

I am very lucky that I was given the opportunity to look after and work with Tilly. She joined my family in August 2016 at nine weeks old and she fitted in straight away. She loves going for long walks, playing with her many tennis balls (the squeakier the better) and hanging out with my other dog Jasper. She is the best 'work mate' I could ask for, as she is calm, friendly and always in a good mood. She is also very clever and makes me look good wherever we go.

The children and staff at school all adore her and we are very proud that she is part of the DHK Team.

Tilly is training to become an Attending School Dog.

Tilly passed the DHK Entry Test and the Welfare & Environment Assessment in July 2017.

Tilly is in training at Windsor Community Primary School in Toxteth, Liverpool.


Bailey - Labradoodle
DHK Puppy in Training - Herefordshire

Bailey was born in May 2016 and came to live with us at 8 weeks old. We spent the summer getting to know each other and doing lots of puppy training so that we were ready to begin working with DHK.
Bailey is training to be an attending school dog at Ledbury Primary School. He spends his mornings in the classroom chilling out and is a really calming influence on the children. Although he is still in the early stages of his training, he has already had a huge impact on staff and pupils alike and is very much part of our school family. He even has his own room!
With support and guidance from DHK, and a lot of hard work, we hope that Bailey will be able to fulfil his potential and make a real difference to our pupils; increasing their self-confidence and self-esteem, motivating them to achieve their best and showing them how to respect and care for all animals.
It is a real privilege to be working with Bailey and DHK and I am looking forward to the next stage of our training.

Bailey is training to become an Attending School Dog.

Bailey passed the DHK Entry Test in September 2017.

Bailey is training at Ledbury Primary School, Herefordshire.


Tova - Siberian Husky
DHK Puppy in Training - North Devon

Tova came to me at ten weeks old. She was one of nine rescue puppies, four of which, including Tova, had health problems. Fortunately Tova's heart murmur has been resolved which makes her one of the lucky ones. Originally Tova was supposed to be with me temporarily as a foster dog but she had other ideas! Now she is most definitely here to stay. Tova is such a fun puppy and is eager to learn new things. She is very smart and a pleasure to be around. Tova will be my second dog going through the DHK training, my first being Wynona. It's great to be back with DHK and I look forward to the training with Tova, knowing the joy and help she can bring to the children.

Tova is training to be a Visiting School Dog


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