DHK Puppies in Training 2013

Honey - Goldendoodle
DHK Puppy in Training - North Devon

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Jane Shannon, Honey's very proud owner says, 'Honey is the newest member of our family and she is so welcome and so adorable. Honey is currently (July) 3 months old and loves learning new things everyday. She loves chasing our other dogs around and chasing the ball.
Honey is attending Southmead Primary School with me and I am introducing her into the school gradually. We are spending quiet time walking around the school and getting her familiar with the setting. The Headteacher, teachers and all the pupils are very excited and happy to welcome Honey to our school. Honey will become a wonderful member of our school team and she is going to bring so much joy and happiness to all who meet her. As Honey's training with me progressess, the children will become more involved with helping train her too. At Southmead we have seen what impact having a DHK School Dog around the school has made. We have been so lucky to have been working with DHK's Certified School Dog Team, Gail and Teazel ( Honey's half sister), for the past year and the experience has been wonderful'.

Honey is training to be an Attending School Dog

Honey has passed all Four DHK Training Assessments, Assessment 5, The Classroom Assessment, and Assessment 6, The School Dog Assessment.

Honey is in training at Southmead Primary School in Braunton, North Devon.


Betsy - Certified School Dog - Goldendoodle
DHK Puppy in Training - Oxford

Rachel Wenham, Betsy's owner, says, "I have been interested in Animal Assisted Interventions for a number of years and in particular thinking about how to introduce it into the special school which I work in. Having taken part in the SCAS 4 day course, I was given the go ahead to introduce dogs into school. During the process of looking for a suitable dog, I was introduced to Tracey and DHK. I am really excited to be working along a charity who has had so much experience of supporting dogs going into school and who have rigorous assessments to ensure only suitable dogs enter schools. We hope that by having Betsy attending school, we will be able to add an additional element to the curriculum we offer our pupils including amongst other things teaching empathy, improving self-esteem and helping those with fears of dogs."

Betsy is an Attending School Dog and officially certified in June 2016.

Betsy has passed all Four DHK Training Assessments, Assessment 5, The Classroom Assessment, and Assessment 6, The School Dog Assessment.

Betsy works at Fitzwaryn School, Oxfordshire.


Fernie - Certified School Dog - Labrador
DHK Puppy in Training - Somerset

From the day he was born, Fernie has seen and met many different people as we wanted him to be as socialised as possible. As a consequence he is phased by nothing and is a very calm dog with a wonderful temperament. His owners, Nik and Lisa wanted to have a dog that could help children, so Fernie will be an attending school dog at Winford C of E Primary School in North Somerset. He has already made a huge impact at school and his calm nature has already worked wonders with some children that had a fear of dogs. He attends most days and is a familiar sight around school. Even now, children's understanding of responsible dog ownership has increased dramatically, and pupils and staff alike love him being in school. Over time, we are very excited about the benefits that a school dog can bring, both academic and emotionally, especially after the training offered by DHK.

Fernie is an Attending School Dog and officially certified in May 2016.

Fernie has passed all Four DHK Training Assessments, Assessment 5, The Classroom Assessment, and Assessment 6, The School Dog Assessment.

Fernie works at Winford C of E Primary School, North Somerset


Hector - Labradoodle
DHK Puppy in Training - Cornwall

Anne Worsley talks about her new puppy, "What is Hector like to live with? Well, I can't even remember what life was like without him. He seems to have become so much part of everything here. He is developing his own personality and is delightful. He has his 'puppy' moments - chewing on all things including fingers and peeing and pooping where he's not supposed to, but his boundless energy and complete devotion far outweighs all that. When I have to leave him with someone else for a while, I feel like I've left something crucial behind.

I think spending all day in school with him has helped build a bond and has also helped hugely with his socialisation. He has already made a positive difference in school. He has brought people together and the students love him. They want me to open a facebook account for him and twitter so that they can follow him. So far I have been taking lots of pictures and completing Hector's Diary fairly regularly to keep a record of these early days. Students have been doing projects on him and have devised questions to ask me for their pieces of work. They are asking questions about training and what he likes. They have opened up and are talking about their own pets as well. It's been great.

The only difficult bit is stopping him getting too excited and stopping (mainly staff) getting him too excited and that's where the DHK training comes in. I was really inspired by the presentation in school, by Tracey, and could see how crucial training is - and the right training. Having a dog in school is not an easy task and has its risks. I wouldn't be doing this without the DHK training because I feel confident that it will work and at the end of it, if there is an end to it, we will all benefit - not only from having a dog that's well trained but one that is truly awesome and one that will have made a positive difference to many people in a myriad of different ways."

Hector is training to be an Attending School Dog

Hector has passed all Four DHK Training Assessments.

Hector is in training at Budehaven School, Bude, Cornwall.


Scout - Certified School Dog - Cockerpoo
DHK Puppy in Training - Hertfordshire

Scout is a very happy Cockerpoo named after the lead character from 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. Scout is in training to be an Attending School Dog at the The Reach Free School, which opened in September 2013. Scout really enjoys the company of people and loves nothing more than to be surrounded by lots of human companions. She's also a big fan of other walks of life, especially other dogs who will indulge her in a high-speed game of chase. She is also parital to ducks, cows and butterflies but they do not tend to be so enamoured with her!

The Reach Free School specializes in English and Maths, so Scout's role as a reading dog is integral to the school's curriculum and 'ACE' ethos of Acheivement, Community and Enjoyment. Scout is very much be part of the teaching team at the school and already brings her owner, Natalie, who is the Deputy Headteacher at the school, lots of joy. She is sure to do the same for the pupils of The Reach Free School due to her incredibly friendly nature and her comical personality.

Scout is an Attending School Dog and officially certified in June 2016.

Scout has passed all Four DHK Training Assessments, Assessment 5, The Classroom Assessment, and Assessment 6, The School Dog Assessment.

Scout works at The Reach Free School, Hertfordshire


Hugo - Labrador
DHK Puppy in Training

Hugo is a very inquisitive little puppy, and he loves to meet all sorts of people. He takes everything in his stride and is a great explorer. Maesgwyn School would love Hugo to be part of the Dogs Helping Kids training programme, as he could bring so many different experiences to the children of the school. We would like Hugo to be an assistant dog, and if possible a reading dog. The children in Maesgwyn School have many different difficulties and disabilities. Hugo can help them to develop so many aspects of their lives - emotional literacy, communication, an understanding of animals and the responsibilities of looking after them, aiding them in their concentration in the classroom and developing literacy skills. The potential benefits for having Hugo in the school are almost endless. He is very young, but already enjoys the many different experiences he has on a daily basis. Hugo's friendly nature is just adorable, as are his handsome good looks. Hugo has learnt so much in such a short time already, who knows what he can achieve on the Puppy In Training Programme. We look forward to finding out.

Hugo is training to be an Attending School Dog

Hugo is in training at Maesgwyn School, Wales


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