DHK Puppies in Training 2015

Lucy - Chocolate Labrador
DHK Puppy in Training - Bicton, Devon

Lucy is a beautiful chocolate lab, who was born in June 2015 and came to live with us in the summer of 2015. We began general puppy training with her and soon decided that we'd like to train her as a therapy dog, and when we found Dogs Helping Kids and learned about their impact on children and young people, we knew that we wanted to work with them. I (Sarah) work at Mill Water School, a special school for children aged 3-19 with severe and profound learning difficulties, so we are hoping that Lucy will really be able to help the pupils there in a variety of ways according to their needs. Lucy has been spending time at Mill Water over the past few months and we are looking forward to all that's in store as we progress through the DHK assessments.

Lucy is training to become an Attending School Dog.

Lucy passed the DHK Entry Test in November 2016

Lucy is in training at Mill Water School in Bicton.


Monty - Cockerpoo
DHK Puppy in Training - Bristol

I have recently introduced a new member to our family; he is Monty, who is a Cockerpoo. I have had many dogs, none of which have been suitable to work with children so I am looking forward to working with Monty in school. I currently work at Luckwell Primary School in Bristol where Monty will be an Attending School Dog working along side DHK. I am very excited about this new venture and learning new things with Monty.

Monty is training to be an Attending School Dog

Monty is in training at Luckwell Primary School, Bristol.


Luna - Cavapoo
DHK Puppy in training - Devon

Luna, is my 6 month old apricot Cavapoo; she was born in March in Bodmin, Cornwall. I take Luna into Sparkwell Primary School where I am the Headteacher and she just loves visiting the school and meeting the children. Luna likes to show off to the pupils with the tricks she has learnt and proves that she is a good learner and hopes the students learn with her.

Luna is training to be a Visiting School Dog

Luna is in training at Sparkwell Primary School, Plymouth.


Mabel - Cockerpoo
DHK Puppy in Training - Birmingham

Mabel is a Cockerpoo born on 23rd May 2015, we chose her breeder and breed because of the puppies intelligence, friendliness and overall cute appeal! Mabel has not let us down, we can't imagine life without her; she is so easy going, sociable and clever, nothing fazes her and everyone that meets her loves her!

As the Deputy Head of a large primary school on the outskirts of Birmingham, I was keen to look at different ways of working with our children and supporting the learning that goes on in the classroom. Having seen how well my own daughter responded to having a friend's dog to stay, I began looking into the possibility of getting a puppy and training it ourselves to work in school. Thankfully I stumbled across DHK and Tracey in my internet search and having attended their teacher workshop day was convinced training a school dog was the way forward.

Mabel is in training at Kingshurst Primary School; she is currently working behind the scenes, getting used to the environment, continuing her socialisation and generally being adored by all! She has been coming into school with me since September, and has been a huge hit with staff, parents, children and governors. She is loving meeting lots of different people and the children love earning reward time to come and give Mabel her lunch or take her for a walk. They love getting her to do her tricks - high five, which paw is the treat in? and shake a paw.

We have just completed a fantastic puppy training day with Tracey and are looking forward to doing the advanced day in the New Year. During this training day we hope to pass the DHK entry assessment and then be accepted onto the DHK training programme as an Attending School dog.

Mabel is training to become an Attending School Dog

Mabel is in training at Kingshurst Primary School, Birmingham.


Molly - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
DHK Puppy in Training - Bristol

I am a massive advocate of DHK and very much support the ethos of the charity and believe whole heartedly in the difference dogs can make to a child's life. I knew from day 1 that Molly will make an excellent school dog; she is cute and playful and very intelligent. She loves people, especially children and works very hard to please. I work at St Marys Primary School in Thornbury as an LSA and am sure Molly will make an excellent school dog for this fantastic primary school!

Molly is training to become a Visiting School Dog

Molly is training at St Marys Primary School, Thornbury, Bristol


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