Meet our Team - Fund Raising Committee

Michelle Dart

I decided to join the fundraising committee because I believe that the work DHK is doing is so hugely important to so many children, both locally and nationwide. If we can raise more funds to train future DHK School Dogs that will be awesome!

I love training my own DHK Trainee School Dog Logan and can't wait to start working with him in Barnstaple Library soon. A fantastic charity full of amazing volunteers, all committed to changing children's lives for the better - I am so proud to be a part of it all!


Sharon Dixon

I have worked for Devon Libraries since 1986 specialising in children's books and children's reading interests.

My first Jack Russell came into my life when I was 6 years old and from that moment on they were the only dog for me!

DHK has brought together both my love of encouraging children to read and dogs - perfect!


Jacqui Harrison

Being a creative person I was first interested in joining the fundraising committee to help DHK develop a merchandising range. Following this I became involved in helping to organise DHK's first big fundraising event, Paws on the Beach, and my contribution to this, which I am very excited about, is to try and set up the UK's first ever Dog Surfing competition.


Andy Waters

I retired from a 35-year career in education in 2013. As a headmaster, I had never been able to give the time necessary to caring for a dog, but my retirement plan was to spend time on the beaches, the Coast Path and the moors in our beautiful area. I wanted a smart, energetic and trainable dog as a companion and walking partner, but having never owned a dog I realised I had a great deal to learn.

In October 2014 I bought Dyfi as a puppy, and attended Puppy Gurus' beginner and advanced training. The connection with DHK developed from there, and I have enough time now to be able to contribute a little to such a fantastic organisation. Dyfi is now 18 months old and I hope that one day we will be able to embark on the full DHK School Dog training. Until then we will keep wandering the beaches and moors!


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